Daniel samonas and selena gomez dating

Burbank local, Daniel Samonas, who began acting at the age of 5 and modeling at 11, is best known for his recurring role as Selena Gomez’s former boyfriend on But when Samonas is not on the big screen playing in hit TV shows, he is expressing himself through the art of carpentry.Daniel grew up learning about wood crafting from his father, whose trade is carpentry.

Meanwhile, Max and his friend, Alfred, attempt to sell bottled water from Tribeca Prep's water fountain since everyone liked how the water tasted but they then realize they could refill the bottles from the fountain.Harper then also says that she is joining the Quiz Bowl so that she could get a new reputation in school, not just as the 'fashion dynamo' but as the 'girl with the brains'. Laritate engages him to help set up for the Quiz Bowl at the gym.Alex volunteers to set up for the Quiz Bowl to get to know Dean.In the past 7 years since our transition to Los Angeles, I have had the privilege and pleasure of expressing myself through a wide variety of multimedia, with a colorful roster of other artists alike.With my father being a carpenter and constantly working on some sort of renovation project, I had been introduced to and grew up around every tool imaginable with lessons on what they do and how to’s from the Pop’s.

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