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It is a symbol that we try to suggest in the temple with a word like seal.” (Souls, Symbols, and Sacraments, BYU Devotional, Jan. Many devoted Young Single Adults (and likely, many older single adults) are faithfully and worthily entering dating relationships, establishing emotional connections, enjoying romance and, not breaking commandments of sexual intimacy outside of marriage, but a lot of kissing is going on.

So back to that YSA student’s question about “Why date? ” Both dating and kissing are okay when mutually agreed upon. Generally, for men, it feels good because it quickly becomes physically stimulating.

But when it is okay with both individuals, it seems like there are four main reasons people kiss. So they give their permission to kiss because it feels good in their heart, not just on their lips. Some people kiss because it makes them feel good about themselves.

There is grieving and healing and recovering and finding the resilience to risk becoming vulnerable again and to enter into another dating relationship. But within a week after the break-up, this young lady went out to a movie with another guy, and they had a “make-out session.” She admitted she needed a boost to her self-esteem.

There was no emotional connection, she just needed to feel good about herself.

When we love God, we make and strive to keep our sacred covenants.

I testify that living gospel commandments brings anyone untold blessings, allowing us to become our very best selves—exactly who God wants us to be.

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