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To combine income or balance sheet information across companies or business units, you can print consolidated financial reports. Examples include F#MMCO or F#CO for company; F#MMCU or F#MCU for business unit; and F#RP01-30 for business unit category codes 01 through 30.What You Should Know About The data item name is the combination of the file prefix (F# for the F1011 table used in the financial reports) and the data item name as defined in the Data Dictionary. From Business Unit Master: The first column within the detail area defines the column number on the report to which information on that line applies. The income statement has both a 7-column and a 12-column version. Special characters are not allowed as part of the data item name, with the exception of #, @, $.Cross references to Form 20-F are set out on pages 02–03 of this Report.Information in this Report in respect of Shell’s performance in 2015 and position at December 31, 2015, excludes the activities of BG Group plc, which was acquired on February 15, 2016.This description should be no larger than the data item size, if possible.If the column heading is only one line, it should be placed in this column.If you do not, your column data will be spread over many pages.

To make balance sheet comparisons using combined totals for companies or business units, print a consolidated balance sheet for the current period or year-to-date.The report provides you to understand the financial position of the company for any accounting period across different geographical regions.At the end of each financial period, most companies produce financial reports.“Subsidiaries” and “Shell subsidiaries” refer to those entities over which the Company has control, either directly or indirectly.Entities and unincorporated arrangements over which Shell has joint control are generally referred to as “joint ventures” and “joint operations” respectively, and entities over which Shell has significant influence but neither control nor joint control are referred to as “associates”.

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