Colton dixon and skylar laine dating content of property data updating

Steven compliments his jacket, but agrees with Jennifer, calling him a "rare talent" and saying that he could have recorded that song right now and released it as is.

He insists that Colton has not even "found [his] top" yet, which is refreshing as he will really peak when he sings his own material.

While Jimmy Iovine wonders at first if the song is big enough, both he and Akon eat their words once she starts rehearsing it.

Dixon had originally tried out for the show in season 10 along with his younger sister Schyler. For the season 11 auditions, Dixon went with his sister for moral support but got talked into auditioning by the judges, who believed that he was pulling a fast one on them by not auditioning.

Will the Top 7 be able to impress judges Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler or will some of our old favourites finally fall flat? She eventually pulls it back, but I don't know that this has helped her case at all in the competition. She was thinking of starting the song by playing drums, but thankfully, Jimmy and Akon shut that down pretty quickly. Hollie, Josh and Jessica are taking on Kelly Clarkson's 'Stronger'. Then again, I never would have thought about it to begin with. Meanwhile, Randy agrees with Jennifer, admitting that it was not his best performance and it didn't really go anywhere. The Leesburg, Georgia native is performing Maroon 5's 'Give a Little More'.I just think she's great, and frankly, she'll end up with a record deal regardless of how far she gets in the competition now. Jennifer agrees, saying that it was nearly pitch perfect, which is never easy in a song like that.Her vocals are powerful, her pitch is spot-on and she's just great to listen to. Randy thinks that she's "definitely back" and that it is the kind of music she should do as it's believable. She adds that Skylar was "beautiful" up there and that the performance was a perfect way to start the show.Next up, Murfreesboro, Tennessee native Colton Dixon, who'll be singing 'Love The Way You Lie' by Eminem and Rihanna.He's back behind the piano again, but Jimmy and Akon want him to really do something different because otherwise, he's just not going to stand out against his co-competitor Phillip Phillips.

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