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Comparatively Uttle has been done in this restricted field since Stewart published his grammar, a great work, which evoked the admiration of O 'Donovan.

The time seems ripe for an attempt to lay before the Gaehc-speaking public the main results of modern scholarship ; and in order to save the time and energy of teachers, the editor has set down, in grammatical order, facts that have constantly emerged and engaged his attention as a teacher of Gaelic during the last decade.

In the case of f instances occur where f is changed by the nasal into v (bh), e.g. debt (Mc A.) from ainfhiach §150, 4 ; gu bhfeil, gu bheil e—that it is : O. fil, feil ; a n-fos, a bhfos, a bhos — on this side a n-fàn, a bhfàn, a bhàn — down §14 A mute suffers eclipsis when its radical sound is suppressed by a preceding nasal. § 150, 5a Dh' aontaich mi gu'm pòsainn i — / agreed that I would marry her : — Arab. 28 Mur a pòs mi fo Challuinn — Unless I marry before Christmas — Clarsach 142 Gu'n toir iad glòir do bhur n-athair — That they may glorify your Father: — Math. 16 Co d'an toir iad cis — To whom they shall pay tribute : — La Bhr.

The liquids and s tend to assimilate the nasal : — am miann their desire, pronounced a miann an làmh the hand ,, a làmh an nead the nest ,, a nead an raoir last night „ a raoir an saoghal the world „ a saoghal 21 2.

316 àill air n-ài U — willingly or unwillingly : — Fois 50 iochd air n-achd — willy-nilly The n of an in, an from, is similarly transported in nasgaidh gratis; O.

eclipse remains in os n-aird publicly, os n-iosal secretly lad fudh 's n-iosal sileadh dheur — They secretly shedding tears : — Ross 18 And in na'n if; O. and remains attached to the preposition in the form thun (also chon) ; thun an taighe so : — Arab ii.

with the pre- position de, § 145, 5 The transported -n- after dochum n- is retracted § 12, II.

The s of the preposition anns an, 'san, in the : a steach, 'steach (ace.) into the house, within : O. teach a stigh, 'stigh (dat.) in the house, inside Thoir t'aidhe take thy heed, for thoir do aidhe ; O. and the pretonic unstressed Mac Dhomhnuill Macdonald, Ma Connel Connel Mac Mhuirich Murdoch, Ma Cuirich Currie Mac Thomhais Thomson Ma Comhais Cosh Mac-a-Phearsain Mac Pherson, Ma Cerson Carson, Corson Mac Isaac Maclsaac, Ma Cisaac Kessack Mac Aoidh Mackay Mac Caoi Kay, Caie II. In words originally ending in a nasal, the nasal may be transported or projected to a closely connected following word. Before vowels : the nasal appears as n ar n-athair — our father The n of the art. u^ GAELIC GRAMMAR CONTAINING THE PARTS OF SPEECH AND THE GENERAL PRINCIPLES OF PHONOLOGY AND ETYMOLOGY WITH A CHAPTER ON PROPER AND PLACE NAMES BY GEORGE CALDER. Attracted by Celtic philology, and following in the footsteps of Zeuss, international scholars have since his time, in increasing numbers, studied Old Irish ; and the mass of material being manageable, they have produced many admirable grammatical works, which, though differing widely in aim and importance, throw much light upon modern Gaelic. In dealing with fading usages, however, like" dual da, fviller illustrations are de- sirable ; and in intricate combinations like article with noun, preposition with pronoun, and the verbal system, exhaustive treatment is the only satisfactory course. The Editor makes grateful acknowledgements to Pro- fessor Eraser and to Mr. James Mac Laren, and thanks are due to them for pointing out some errors. An Comunn Gàidhealach has generously given a grant of ;£100 to the Editor to aid him in producing the work. CONTENTS Introduction Authorities quoted or referred to Abbreviations The Alphabet : disused letters, lost -p Vowels : broad and slender Consonants : liquids, mutes, spirants Grouping, phrase groups, order of words in sentence groups Elision, of vowels 5 ; of consonants 6 ; an, ag, d O, de, a, CO Syncope, in trisyllables, dissyllables, monosyllables ; com- pensatory lengthening Vowel infection ... Calum Macpharlan for having read part of the proofs. The accents 10 ; the stress on first syllable, even stress on -an -ag 1 1 ; stress on long amorphous cpds.

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