Codeigniter validating dates dating in hubbardston mass

There's no convenient way to get the generated view data, however, making custom built caching mechanisms difficult to implement.Code Igniter takes a very straightforward approach: like include files, almost. There's a templating class but it doesn't simplify things much beyond the built-in view handling.Cake PHP handles its validation through the model itself in one of two ways.The first uses a single test against each field defined in a validate variable declared in the model.They both attempt to create an MVC architecture which simply means they separate the (data) Model from the Controller (which pulls data from the model to give to the view) from the View (what the user sees).They both use Routing which takes a URL and maps it to a particular function within a controller (Cake PHP calls these actions).

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Right off the bat, let me just say that I've tried to be as fair and honest in this assessment and I've tried to keep it just to the facts while interjecting what my preferences are.

Scaffolding is meant for simple prototyping and Code Igniter takes it a step further by requiring a keyword in the URL to even access the scaffolding.

I'm guessing one could omit the keyword, leaving this feature essentially optional.

It makes the coding process quicker but harder to figure out "what is going on" without popping your head into the core.

For me, I like to understand how everything works and I've had to poke around under the hood more than once.

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