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Although the diamond itself never diminished in value one bit, she stopped thinking of it as much throughout her day.

While she was still kind toward others and told others of her father’s love, she did so more from habit and duty than from gratitude and joy.

From her bedroom window, Rebecca eyed the children playing in the snow enviously. “Now, Rebecca,” she remembered her father telling her that morning. When a snowball exploded just outside her window, Rebecca decided she couldn’t stand it any longer. Leaving her book on the table, Rebecca slipped outside. Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.” Romans -37 “Come on, James, let’s go play in the snow! His brother already had his snow bibs on and was energetically pulling boots over his feet.“All right, I guess I’ll go. But then the boys’ father walked into the room and offered to go sledding with them. I can’t wait to rest and relax in the summer.” James was just trying to survive the busy planting season. Eric was only responsible for doing each task with a full heart. He didn’t have to carry the burden; he just needed to be diligent with the tasks his father had given him.*****Spring eventually ended and summertime came. Eric, however, again chose to rejoice in the season. ” Deborah’s father reached out his hand as if to invite her to join him in happiness. “I just can’t change,” she repeated.“You can’t, or you won’t?

“You can’t play in the snow today.”“Why not, Father? Every day, the neighborhood children gathered at a park just behind Rebecca’s house.“Just trust me, Rebecca. She tried to tell herself she was having a good time, but all the while her heart felt uncomfortable. One look at his father’s face wiped all thought of complaint from Eric’s mind. Between finishing their schoolwork and all their other spring activities, they could hardly find any time for play or relaxation.“Oh, man, I just wish things would slow down! Eric paused for a moment on his shovel to think about his brother’s words. Now, instead of having too much to do, the boys seemed to have the opposite problem. Although he, like James, felt the heat, he knew autumn would come soon enough, bringing cooler temperatures. I would give you other things to do besides aimlessly roaming the streets in this fashion. ” The question was made in a voice barely above a whisper. She simply turned and walked down the street to continue her self-imposed miserable life. Maybe then his daughter would be ready to accept his gift of love.“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” John General Bradford was definitely an unusual general.

Then he’d catch sight of the general and remember his command to look above the horizon. *****“George,” Michael called reprovingly, “your step is a little fast, and wipe the grin off your face.

And Scott, loosen up your arms and let them swing a little more natural and—”“I said flight halt!

Keep your own eyes and ears attentive and let me take care of the others.”Michael stepped back in line. The thought that her father was giving her this priceless diamond seemed almost too much to comprehend.“Yes, my darling daughter, I am giving you that diamond. For the first several months after Ashley’s father gave her the diamond, she guarded the diamond as she would her own life.

He was beginning to realize that keeping focused would be a moment-by-moment battle. Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses. Love and cherish it, and keep it ever in your thoughts.”Ashley threw her arms around her father’s neck. She spent hours gazing upon it, then went and told everyone she knew about her father’s marvelous love.

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I’d like to stop here and say that Ashley faithfully treasured her diamond for the rest of her life and continually lived in the same joy she had those firs few weeks. Ever so gradually, Ashley began to become accustomed to the diamond she’d been given.Yet he had such a hard time keeping his eyes above the horizon!His eyes seemed to constantly wander to the things or people around him.She wanted to be safely lodged in her room before her father came home. No, she felt certain that all those wonderful times were over. The more he sat there, the more confident he became that his father would give him just what he needed in each season of life. His first task was to learn to march.“The key to marching is to stay focused and to listen for my commands constantly,” the general explained. Fasten your eyes fifteen degrees above the horizon line.Intent on getting to her room as quickly as possible, Rebecca didn’t see the mitten someone had left on the stairs until her foot slipped on it. Who knows how long she would have lain thus had not her nanny come in to check on her. He had only to trust and delight.“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” Ecclesiastes 3:1 “But I don’t want to change,” Deborah repeated for what must have been the fifteenth time that afternoon. The open sky had been her shelter; the generosity of passerby’s her income. I tried a few months back to give up this life, remember? Don’t let them wander to the circumstances or people around you.

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