Christian women dating non christian man

The Qur’an is silent on marriages of Muslim women to Jewish and Christian men, but the principal schools of Islamic jurisprudence all agree that under no circumstances may a Muslim woman marry a non-Muslim man.

Even a woman who converts to Islam after marriage must not remain married to a non-Muslim husband.

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Muslim Intermarriage Law The Qur’an recommends that Muslim men marry Muslim women, but says that they may also marry Jews and Christians (1; 5:5).

In the sight of God, the noblest among you is the one who is most deeply conscious of God.

It also states that “there is no compulsion in matters of religion” (256).

In recent years, a number of Islamic scholars have argued that this assumption no longer holds true, as men and women are treated as equals and women are perfectly capable of making their own decisions.

Indeed, a number of imams, notably in Europe and North America, are conducting such marriages.

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