Christian speed dating events chicago

Our churches are often isolated little islands, and more fellowship between congregations would be healthy for everyone, not just singles.If you have a church social event coming up, ask your leaders if you can send invitations to neighbouring churches.

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You could also start a church film club, book club or sports team, and invite other churches to join or play matches.

Check out CC’s sister site Events for Christians or search online for events organisers in your area.

Donating some of your time to church-linked projects is a great, low-pressure way to encounter people outside your usual circle who share your values.

If there’s no group in your area (and goodness knows, I’ve tried and failed to find groups in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, so please tell me if you know of any), how about organising a meet-up yourself?

A walk or pub lunch is cheap, doesn’t take much organising, and is suitable for most ages, interests and abilities.

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