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Many couples who have had premarital sex struggle with sexual activity in the first seven years of their marriage; however, studies have shown that couples who have refrained from sexual activity until marriage have had the most fulfilling sex lives.In conclusion, look forward to the sexual relationship waiting for you in marriage; yet, while you are still single, enjoy the freedom to give your energy to the cause of Christ (1 Corinthians -34) and take measures to avoid compromising situations in the first place!Sex is a wonderful way to express intimacy with one another God’s method of bringing children into this world for His glory.However, this fire is only rightfully contained within the fireplace of marriage.Too many “homes” have been burned because the fire was started elsewhere.“” Even if you and your beloved end up getting married, premarital sex creates a mental environment where illicitness is driving your sexual desires and when that illicitness is removed after marriage, the thing that was driving you to have sex is now gone.Give him or her permission to ask you about your purity at any time.Make this area of your life a matter of prayer as well.

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There is a difference between desiring your sweetheart and lusting after him or her.

Attraction is a part of God’s design for men and women.

If you are dating or engaged to someone with whom you don’t have an attraction, this actually could be a cause for concern.

Only God fully understands the consequences of violating His perfect plan for sex. As a rule of thumb, if the affection you are showing your boyfriend or girlfriend is making your body respond sexually (lingering hugs, intense kissing, and inappropriate touching), you need to halt and move away (as in, physically get out of the same room).

Remember that before you are married, your future spouse is your in Christ and should be treated as such. I would assume so, but I doubt you hug them the way married couples hug each other. Perhaps, but those kisses are (hopefully) only to show affection and not to arouse sexuality.

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