Chris brown dating karrueche tran

Breezy was later released but remained in Paris out of choice with Harris alongside him.

While little is known as about Breezy's new girl, she describes herself as “blasian with Cherokee blood" in her Instagram bio.

Brown’s borderline incoherent comments targeted Cruz’s sartorial choices.

“No shade boo,” Brown wrote, “BUT PLEAS STYLE HIM.” In another comment he wrote, “Nothing bad or major. I’ll take him around to style him,” an offer he likely won’t be able to deliver on since Tran has had a restraining order against Brown for two years.

UPDATEYesterday Chris Brown—or someone purporting to be Chris Brown—used his Instagram account to shade Victor Cruz in the comments section of the former NFL player's IG post that included an image of Cruz with Brown's ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran. In an Instagram story posted this morning (June 14), the "People going out they way.

leave them people alone and stop creating unnecessary drama!

In 2017, the actress and model was granted a permanent restraining order against Brown.

The evidence against Brown included profanity-laden voicemails and text messages in which he threatened to “beat the shit” out of her. These dark details cast his since-deleted Instagram comments in a different light.

Tran alleged that when they were together, Brown punched her in the stomach and pushed her down the stairs.

People online are interpreting the posts as an embarrassing joke with Brown as the punchline, replying with cry-laughing emojis and sharing it on Twitter.

But in the context of his and Tran’s relationship, his comments shouldn’t be taken so lightly.

his new girlfriend looks just like karrueche."Check out some of the tweets below.

Meanwhile, Breezy was reportedly spotted filming a new music for an upcoming song called ' Back to Love,' in Paris after his release.

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