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Some of the popular ones include: Whisper, Secret, Cloaq LLC, Yik Yak, Inc., Backchat and Burn Note, Inc.Many connect you to your social media and email contacts but strip away any personal data.Apparently, many people do, with secret-sharing apps like Whisper Text, LLC (Whisper) two new users per second in only its second week of public availability.Millions are turning to anonymous chat apps to confess all sorts of information in a very public yet purportedly secret way.These four ways of uncovering user identities suggest the answer is no. Good old-fashioned detective work – Although the “white hat hackers” who discovered this method might call it a hack, it is more of a clever workaround.They realized that they could find the identity of a Secret user by each containing a contact list with one real user.

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Some of these services, such as Whisper, even go out of their way to make sure user posts go viral and are shared with as many people as possible.

It is somewhat like sitting blindfolded in a room filled with your friends and talking with them with your voices disguised.

Others are completely anonymous and random, requiring no personal information from you (not even your email address), and connecting you with whomever happens to appear.

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