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In 1884, eight years after Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Watson had the world's first phone call, industrialist John Jacob Astor IV published his predictions for the 21st century.

Along with ill-fated predictions of steel-covered roads and the discovery an anti-gravitational force, he also foresaw video calls. The earliest came from AT&T's labs in 1927, with a room full of equipment.

Or you want to check in on a coworker and see how a project is coming along.

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If you need to interview or consult with a dozen people who live in another city, you can do so face-to-face without leaving your desk.

But for a quick, clear video call, it's hard to beat.

Face Time Price: Free with an Apple device Tip Not using an i Phone?

And it includes a chat sidebar for quick collaboration. You can register your own link to let people call you.

Then, instead of putting your phone number on your site, just leave enable Gruveo's browser call notifications (or install the Gruveo Chrome extension) and you can receive video calls anytime anyone needs to get in touch.

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