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With the Western genre going thru a resurgence, Chato's Land is very in-keeping with the type of Western that was being released in the early 70's: namely violent, uncompromising and certainly gritty.

These things, as history now shows, were tailor made for Winner, who perfectly utilises Bronson's silent and brooding assets to great effect.

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Chacun peut faire une rencontre en fonction de sa position gographique de connexion au tchat et faire une slection des chatteurs par la distance.

Partager la mme passion avec un autre membre du tchat, qui plus est pas loin de chez vous est le meilleur moyen de faire de belles rencontres.

Vous pouvez accéder comme invité au tchat après avoir coché vos souhaits de simple discussion ou de volonté de rencontre et après avoir certifié que vous êtes majeur et que vous avez pris connaissance des conditions d’utilisation habituelles qui vous autorisent donc à entrer sur le tchat.

Bronson was 50 years old when making the film, his physicality here is very impressive.The role of Chato is hardly a stretch for him, in fact it's very much a perfect fit.He's basically asked to be a phantom in the landscape, but he casts an imposing presence each time he's called on to deliver some Chato justice.Shot on location in Andalucia, Spain, with photography by Robert Paynter, it's musically scored by Jerry Fielding.Plot finds Bronson as half Apache, Pardon Chato, who is forced to kill the local sheriff in self defence and finds himself being hunted by a town posse led by Captain Quicey Whitmore (Palance).

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