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We have many years of experience and a lot of happy couples who met through our service and are together to this day.

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Obranovich, a longtime restaurant chef who is currently assistant prepared foods manager at City Market, and Bosia, an associate professor of political science at St. They have not entertained much yet, however, in their new, smaller, urban home to which they moved last spring from Hardwick where the couple co-founded Claire's Restaurant and Obranovich was executive chef.

Ingredients for the evening’s icebreaker, which Mike Bosia had dubbed the Ginepro Americano, referring to the Italian name for the juniper in the Vermont-distilled gin and Cocchi Americano, an Italian aperitif wine, he was using.

The dining room table (a heavy wooden door salvaged from the pre-renovated condo and then clad in copper) doubles as kitchen workspace and remaining counter space is not abundant.

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This has that feel, though." Similar to many contemporary homes, the kitchen, dining area and living room are all one. 3: In the open kitchen-era, manage dirty dishes so they don't clutter your entertaining space.In addition, the kitchen has less storage space than in their previous home, but Obranovich said that's not such a big deal since he can shop daily at work if needed.The pair recalled how they managed when living in Paris where there was so little fridge space they would hang groceries out the window in cool weather.The couple has lived and traveled around the world and their stylish apartment is beautifully appointed with furniture, art, books and tablewares gathered from Paris, Italy, New Orleans and India, among other places.Their style is rustic but also refined, soft surfaces complementing sharp angles.

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