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The lawsuit isn't all that hard to believe -- Charlie himself has admitted that he hasn't always used protection, even after learning of his HIV status.

He said that he withheld that information because when he'd told previous partners about it, they attempted to blackmail him. In this new lawsuit, the plaintiff says that Charlie told her that he was facing other lawsuits from women he'd exposed to the virus.

He took things a bit further in 2017 and founded a company that offers more affordable ways of borrowing which he named End High Cost Credit Alliance.

In addition to all that, he serves as the vice president of the Royal Society of public health.

In order to pay for University, Sheen worked in a Welsh fast food restaurant called Burger Master before he was granted the Laurence Olivier Bursary by the society of London theatre.

But while things have been going on normally for Charlie for a while now, that's all about to end, thanks to a bombshell new lawsuit.

He was scouted and offered a place on Arsenal’s youth team at the age of 12 but he had to let it go because his family was unwilling to move.2.In the court documents, an unnamed woman claims that Charlie lied about being free of STDs in order to have unprotected sex with her.Note: Charlie Sheen is never officially named in the suit, but the defendant is described as a man who gave televised interviews about HIV on November 17th, 2015, and June 21st, 2016.Michael Sheen once related that people have always assumed he is related to the American Sheen family.Stressing that this is not so, he disclosed that he had only met Martin Sheen – Charlie Sheen’s father – once and is yet to meet Charlie Sheen.

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