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What could be a problem is if you're at different stages in life.

"If the woman is at the top of her career and earning a lot more than the man, he could resent it," says Valerie.

While some relationships fall by the wayside (Madonna and Jesus supposedly split because they had 'nothing in common'), others do succeed (Demi and Ashton have been married for five years, while Sam and Aaron are expecting a baby).

The list of female celebrities dating considerably younger men is growing.

She wants a wonderful time with a younger man, but she’s a free spirit who goes her own way."It's that free spirit that attracts younger men. "But in the future such relationships will be acceptable to everyone. For the first time in history older women are taking complete control of their lives.

"When I wrote my book it was primarily the women doing the chasing," says Valerie. If it's built on love, respect and communication, you're on to a winning formula, no matter how old you are. They're seeing that ageing is an exciting adventure with fantastic options - including dating younger men.

For one reason or another, these famous women tend to bag much younger guys.

We have the freedom to choose what lifestyle we want."Although the majority of us still follow the tradition of getting married, buying a house and having kids by a certain age, more and more are choosing alternatives.

As a result, it's becoming more the 'norm'.

This hot actress has been known to go after younger guys in Hollywood.

She dated 50 Cent for about a year, who was 11 years younger than she, and she was also engaged to 28-year-old Omar White when she was in her late 40's.

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