Ccm bicycle serial number dating chart

My unrestored survivor vintage CCM is badged Zenith, sold by Marshall Wells Stores.

It is maroon with white pin stripes on the fenders exactly like one i've seen posted elsewhere on this forum.

Pending further evidence, this is the sequence I'm adopting.

I have insufficient data to be confident in the period 1975-1982.

Given that CCM didn't use it in the first three rounds, my current view is that any samples are incompletely stamped versions of another letter. CCM catalogues of the era are very poor in terms of pictures and specifications.

With the notable exception of the derailleurs, they rarely list the brands and models for components.

Hi T-Mar I'm the guy that initiated the conversation in the Yahoo group.

I posted my findings after checking my 50 bikes from after 1960 and conparing with the various catalogs and posters that I have. It was an attempt ot start further conversation, not claim 100% correctness.

However, like most manufacturers, they started building the new models ln the last quarter of the previous year.CCM's letter sequence did not vary from 1921-1960, with the exception of dropping W, X and Z after the first round.Given that the evidence indicates the sequence refreshed at A for the 5th round in 1969 and that K & L were the last two letters in the 4th round, it would seem logical that, for the 4th round, CCM simply shortened the existing sequence again, using the first eight letters to represent 1961-1968 (i.e A =1961, B = 1962, C = 1963, D = 1964, E = 1965, H = 1966, K = 1967 and L = 1968).Finally, the Delrin wears relatively quickly, resulting in sloppy pivots and deterioration of shifting performance.Replacements for Simplex Prestige derailleurs is a very common experience with vintage bicycles.

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