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I’m 30 minutes early because of a distinct lack of traffic at this hour on the roads from Dublin city to Malahide. Just four days after a visibly upset Mc Ilroy revealed he had called off his wedding to tennis star Caroline Wozniacki after the invitations had been sent out, the 25-year-old carded a closing 66 to win the...IT was a week before Valentine's Day and it would be Rory Mc Ilroy and Caroline Wozniacki's first to celebrate as a husband and wife to be.

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Two-time major winner Rory Mc Ilroy spent some time outlining how he plans to combat his debilitating second-day syndrome but inconsistencies in the argument suggested he needs to convince himself more than he does the world's media.1 ranking Now, her stats in the 365 days after she started dating Mc Ilroy (July 2011 through Jul 2012): 37-21 record, 1 tournament victory, 6 first-round exit, fell to No. Whatever happened since May, she seems to have found her stroke again. It implies Wozniacki needs a man and should be crushed that she doesn’t have one, while Mc Ilroy is better off free and single.It’s especially impressive given that Wozniacki is subjected to endless queries about her post-Rory mindset, her dating practices and how she’s coping with his success. Thankfully, Wozniacki is turning that idea on its head.w=300" data-large-file=" w=1000" /Rory Mc Ilroy made headlines this week when he credited his breakup with Caroline Wozniacki for helping him gain the focus and dedication to win two golf majors this summer.(Though it might sound harsh, Mc Ilroy’s words were more in the “I had nothing else to do” vein rather than a “thank goodness I’m free” way.) While Mc Ilroy’s post-breakup success is undeniable, it turns out two can play at this game. For starters, she was one of the most lightly-regarded No.

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