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Archaeological excavations brought to light a jetty at Kuntasi in Gujarat dating back to Harappan period.

The town has association with Lord Krishna, who is believed to have founded this town by reclaiming 12 yojana land from the Sea.

Gujarat dates back to pre-historic times, here exists one of the three largest dinosaur sites of the world that include clutches of eggs that date back 65 million years.

But interest in Jurassic Park notwithstanding, for devout Indians, Gujarat is closely linked with one of India’s most enduring avathara — Krishna.

Ancient Sanskrit words like pattana and Dronimukha have been generally used to describe coastal port cities where national and international ships and boats were harbor.

The oldest reference to the Agade harbour comes from the Mesopotamian text which mentions that boats from Meluhha used to be anchored in Agade harbour, datable to the mid-3rd millennium BC.

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