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As soon as the music started, I thought my chest was compressing with every hit of the kick drum...and mind you, this was a metal concert, with double bass drums in full effect and my chest rapidly compressing.Stopped to help a woman with two kids change a flat tire on the way there.

We would have been 2 very small, very young girls stuck in NYC at am. I have 2 kids now and I would never let them do this!!! Stopped to help a woman with two kids change a flat tire on the way there.

(Thank goodness I'm not eligible to enter myself, or else I'd have to tell you all about the time I got picked up by the cops at a Candlebox show when I was 15 – and not for throwing rocks at the band, unfortunately.) As always, be sure to I worked for a major East Coast music retailer for most of the '80's and I could pull from my memory any number of stories of concerts past.

But the best experience I have had in my concert history was going to see the Stones when they played Scott Stadium with my two boys.

My friends and I had purchased tickets to a show in Richmond, headlined by the metal bands Trivium and All That Remains.

Of course, due to my complete inexperience with concerts of any type, much less metal concerts, I showed up to the venue quite dressed to (in my young opinion) impress.

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