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There are some more restaurants, one of them is "Black Canyon" that's the same stuff as in Thailand and I warn you never eat anything from this food chain since the changes to get serious sick are very high.They don't make anything locally, they just get frozen stuff and warm it up, actually the customer has no idea where this stuff comes from and where it was laying around, I got very sick there.The people either have never been there or never went out from their cave after eight, but those pages are listed high means no relevancy to reality, so why Google pop them up? Since all here is very picture and video oriented you immediately will understand what’s up and just don't believe anyone who tells there is nothing going on, they are just to lazy to go out and look, but unfortunately Google likes the laziness and the websites which haven't changed anything since 3 years and more this is what they call "fresh content"!

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Visiting the night market and open air restaurants along Maha Bandoola Road and the side street should be done by anyone who visit Yangon, it’s really worth but don’t eat any street food that includes from restaurants such as at Maha Bandoola The handling of food in the open air restaurants which are in the side streets are not so good, think three times before you eat anything there, it's low priced and cheap stuff is what you get although at a first glance it looks appealing, the places close around mid-night.They still can afford quite good shows every evening with pretty ladies having very little textile on the body somehow similar to the tangas of the beach cariocas in Rio.This and more makes the region very attractive as holiday destination for certain purposes with nightlife and more.Usually these places have lots of want to-be models and other pretty ones around.Some are very attractive young women for speed dating and they know it not even bringing cash with them when they go out, because they know there are plenty of guys there who would like to buy them drinks.

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