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Here is one way: Nate Berkus, a 45-year-old interior designer and the co-star of the TLC show “Nate and Jeremiah by Design,” was taken with Jeremiah Brent, also an interior designer, on their first date in 2011. So began months of cross-country airplane trips and late-night telephone calls. Six months into their relationship, on a vacation in Mexico, they had a big fight.

But there are a million ways of figuring it out, and we’ve asked some people when they knew. Brent went shopping at a vintage furniture store, then for a walk by the Hudson River in New York. Berkus’s apartment to talk, and he remembers being overcome by the feeling that he was meant to be with this man. Brent lived in Los Angeles and got on a plane the next morning.

It’s the beautiful stretch just above Washington Square Park, where the avenue begins and the surrounding prewar buildings are prized by those who seek elegance but also cherish the vitality, diversity, and cultural heritage of Greenwich Village.

When interior designers Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent set out to find a new home, lower Fifth was at the top of their list.“This neighborhood, particularly the blocks around West 11th and West 10th streets, has a unique magic,” says Berkus, who rose to fame as Oprah Winfrey’s home-design guru and has since hosted two TV shows (most recently, on NBC last year) while overseeing a busy interiors firm.

Today we are going to talk about how Fernando Bengoechea and Nate Berkus met for the first time. Fernando Bengoechea and Nate Berkus met for the first time on a photo-shoot for Oh at home magazine that was in 2003. Would he have agreed with the decisions that I’ve made since then in life?

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I mean I’ve heard you tell it I looked in your eyes shortly after it happened but the way you write about it here, I could feel him his last feeling.After getting engaged on a Peruvian mountaintop, the pair married last year in front of 220 guests at the New York Public Library.Then, this past March, they celebrated the birth of their daughter, Poppy. They embraced and kissed.“It was a verbal commitment that both of us were truly in this,” Mr.Fernando Bengoechea and Nate Berkus who used to be his partner, died in a tsunami disaster back in 2004. I think about all the time would where would Fernando Bengoechea and Nate Berkus be if he had survived, would we still be together?

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