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Just keep track of their social media updates to know when you and your partner’s favorite acts are taking the stage.Ditch the typical Hollywood movie date at a mall cinema and opt for a more intimate indie film screening at the cozy Cinema ’76 Film Society.For couples who are also interested in learning a new language together, the Monastery offers free Mandarin classes to their meditation students as well. Skip the fancy dinner date or crazy night club and spend the evening battling it out over different board games at Ludo Board Game Bar and Cafe.Players can stay for as long as they want, with a minimum of one order per person.

The best part is that it’s all absolutely free as the organization runs on donations and volunteerism.

Walk leisurely around the galleries of the National Museum, admiring the masterpieces of among the most prominent artists in the country’s history—it will literally cost nothing.

For a date that falls on a Tuesday, include the Metropolitan Museum in the itinerary, to which admission is free on this day of the week.

Marvel at the reminders of how Manila once looked and snap away.

The district of Binondo, on the other hand, is considered to be the world’s oldest Chinatown.

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