Brother and sister dating each other

My problem is that my husband and his sister are obsessed with each other so much so that I want to leave him because he allows her to act like his wife and she does things I don’t approve of.

This is when you step in and say, “Look here, I know you both are special to one another, and y’all are family and everything, but, err, uhm, this –ish is going to cease with you telling them all of our business, and you can’t show me any affection and love because they will get jealous.What the hell type of incestuous relationship they got going on?!?Girl, is this woman sleeping in the same bed with y’all? Ain’t no way in hell a woman should be that damn close to her brother.She even tries to play mother to my kids sometimes.She plays mind games with him by saying things like he doesn’t have time for her now that his married.

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