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When communication breaks down — whether that is intentional, happens through lack of skill, or fear about what will happen when we open up — the relationship begins to lack the buoyancy and flow that is possible when people are clear and open with one another.”What this means is, the more you try to show off your relationship, the bigger your need is to prove that the relationship is strong.

But hey, maybe you just enjoy the dopamine your body receives when you receive that stream of “likes” and “comments.”Sure, it might feel good to do this when you’re trying to put a point across, or when your partner refuses to listen. And we all have emotional and mental traumas from our past.

That way, the other person has the time they need to regroup.”“Some couples are in the habit of blaming each other for their own mistakes, no matter what.

Example: ‘You left the water running…’ ‘Oh, that’s because you called me away in the middle of washing my hands.’ *** Do you want to learn how to stand up to toxic people in your life?

How does that first adorable hint of jealousy snowball into full-blown insecurity and dependence?

In my previous blog, “Why You Keep Winding Up in the Same Relationship” I explored this mystery, addressing why we often repeatedly choose similar partners and end up in the same unsatisfying or unsuccessful unions.

Here I want to address some of these questions and propose a way out of the patterns that lead us to choose the wrong partners so that we can establish relationships with the right ones.

Instead, deal with your own problems and let your partner live their life. Giving each other space, having your own identities, friends, hobbies – they’re all essential to having a healthy relationship.By figuring out how you go about ending up with the same objectionable partner in every relationship, you will know what to do to break this cycle.With each choice you make and action you take in a relationship, it’s important to have a good sense of what is operating within you that’s motivating your behavior.Take Chances When it comes to love, it is advisable to not only go into it with your heart; but to go into it with your head.That way, instead of automatically selecting the same type of person for the same negative traits, you can try selecting a partner who is entirely different.

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