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Boquete 6 months At first I shunned the gringo/expat organized weekly meeting, the Tuesday Morning Informational and Networking Meeting. Then I started going, I found I had things to say and others had things to teach.they soon published a small book of the meetings minutes with recaps of many speakers.The laws are strict and pretty much say- Panamanians first The locals work hard and have lots of festivals.

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You basically have to make your own way or bring a job, career, or business with you and then employ locals to work at it.We lived in Costa Rica for awhile but the more i read about Boquete/ David and hear from friends the more intrigued we get. I don't know who wrote this but they are "right on " Hopefully all will embrace the good advise and information.From a Panamanian citizen who was born in the Canal Zone and has spent considerable time vacationing in Boquete from the United States. My Husband and I are planning a visit soon to scope out things in Boquete.Contributing to the community is a good thing, trying to change someones way of life is a bad thing. Coffee is the big industry here and its some of the best in the world.Tourism, real estate, building, development, adventure, are a few of the biggies.

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