Boost failed updating 56 targets

What is important to understand though is that Jamfiles are really script files. Build is based on a programming language you don't need to think of programming when you create Jamfiles.There is a programming language used to write Jamfiles. The syntax of the programming language used by Boost.All of these versions are built in seperate directories which are automatically created. The second parameter hello is a reference to the target hello defined in the first line.Please note that the path has to be put in quotes as it contains a space.Once the build system has been found, loaded and knows which toolset to use - either because you specified one or the build system detected one automatically - If you look at Jamfiles the syntax might remind you of configuration files used by other build systems.

When the build system is loaded it also prepares itself to use a certain compiler, linker and maybe other tools required to build a project. warning: Use the "toolset=xxxxx" option to override our guess.It is also required to end a line with a semicolon just as you are used to from C . You don't need to detect the platform a program is built on to decide if a file extension like should be appended or not. As a program can be built using different toolsets Boost. This way it is possible to build a program with different toolsets without a toolset constantly overwriting files produced by another toolset.Please note that the programming language of Boost. Build is that you specify just as much as necessary for a build system to know how to build a program. And you don't need to specify how a compiler like Visual C has actually to be invoked to compile source code. There are not only toolset-specific directories but also variant-specific directories. common.mkdir bin common.mkdir bin\msvc-9.0 common.mkdir bin\msvc-9.0\release compile-c-c bin\msvc-9.0\release\bin\msvc-9.0\release\msvc.manifest bin\msvc-9.0\release\...updated 5 targets... It is possible to set a feature multiple times in the requirements but only if values are not mutually exclusive.Build translates options in configuration files to command line options expected by the selected compiler. This article is an introduction to help you using Boost. Build documentation as you'll know the big picture. Projects can be large and can consist of many components whose source code is distributed over many directories.This makes it possible to write configuration files once and build a program on different platforms with different compilers. Instead of creating one big configuration file for the entire project components typically get their own configuration files. Build: In a large project there will be many configuration files which have to be found and interpreted by . Build every directory with a configuration file is a project: If there is a configuration file in a directory something can be built.

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