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I would love to know why these programs are crapping out on me or if my computer is total garbage. Thanks So basicly when i tried logging into the diablo beta this morning, the launcher said there was an update, after about 30 min it was still at 0%.

Hey guys , I installed Open beta Diablo 3 today and when i launch it it says initializing in start and then after sometime pops a message " An unexpected Error occurred while updating required files . so i tried closeing the launcher and opening in it again, now it just says : Updating blizzard launcher (0%) Anyone else have this problem?

Update Agent is a program which runs in the background of Windows and automatically starts up when your PC boots.

It checks for software udpates and automatically downloads and installs them if found.

page=3 Hi, about an hour ago, my battle net launcher prompted me to restart it for an update.

I do realize that this is an internet forum full of morons, however in real life, no one questions me, people look to me for the answer, look up to me, trust me.

I’ve found a generic support thread in the old forums and did everything in there.

I started Battle-net as admin, checked my internet-connection, tried using the ‘repair-tool’ (which didn’t work, because that is only available for installed games.) I’ve closed any background apps that could interfere with Battle-net, including my antivirus program and made firewall-exception for all blizzard programs.

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If the button says Install, the game was already uninstalled.If your launcher aint opening when you try to install the beta I made a lil guide for you guys how to solve the problem.It has helped a lot of players so far and I hope it can be of help to someone here at MMO-champion aswell.I’ve restarted the Update Agent a few times (obviously, since I restarted the PC a few times) and deleted the Battle-net entry in my Program Data.So far I’ve had no success and those three games are still not working. Doesn’t even let me uninstall since it says I need to install.

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