Biracial discreet dating

“There are no black guys on my campus,” one girlfriend lamented to me recently about her university, where she feels dating options are severely limited. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, of associate's and bachelor's degrees awarded to black students between 20, more than 60 percent went to black women.

In my current financial circumstance, being a single mother is better than a married woman.I shrugged and stared at my plate, trying to avoid eye contact. Men were more interested in getting a drink and going back to my place than they were in my name, let alone my hobbies or passions.I blamed all my bad dates on the city’s commitment-phobic dating scene. Female friends all over the country are having difficulties finding a partner worth marrying, especially if they’re black.Marriage , usually because their income combined with their spouse’s disqualifies them for the Earned Income Tax Credit.This disqualification could cost us as much as ,000 come tax time.

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