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Highlights of the festival: Buddha statues, monks and lay people are linked by white cotton thread; chanting; making merit (thambun); robe offering ceremony; money trees; festival of lights; sharing of meals; traditional music & dance, food & other stalls.A national holiday to commemorate the late King Rama IX’s birthday; prayers are conducted in the temples.Celebrated by different Churches on several different days in December. The exact festival date depends on the crop and the Bhuddist calendar.This ceremony is said to originate from the Mon Hanthawaddy Kingdom (1369-1539) when Mon pilgrims drowned on their way back from Sri Lanka.There's lots to see: Mon cultural shows; Mon dressed in beautiful traditional costumes; lines of pilgrims with honey and flowers to give to the monks; hot air balloons; chanting & praying, floating lanterns, almsgiving, prayers, then breakfast. Tak Bat Devo commemorates the Buddha’s return to earth after the 3-month Rains Retreat.

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