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Remember, it's not about the caliber of your weapon, but your ability to hit the target.

It’s very important to notice if you did feel anxious and to ask yourself why.Di Nozzo and Bishop suggested that Mc Gee's work-flirting with Agent Larsen would keep his "tools sharp," so to speak. When Ranger Burt and Abby started dating, Di Nozzo and Bishop wanted to make sure Abby knew what she was getting into.They prepared a presentation explaining his Peace Corps past and a prior arrest—for protesting a zoo that was abusing their animals. Di Nozzo was excited to take a date out to the gun range while on winter holiday leave, but the team was called in to work a case.There’s no greater tool than comparison, and we owe it to ourselves to take our time to see what’s out there instead of giving one person a lot of our valuable attention right away.After talking with other mothers who were treading through the muck in the dating world, I realized we needed more advice and tips like this.

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