Being accommodating means

He said we could talk and set it up on the evening of his next day off.Well when that day came [this past Wednesday], he was unreachable until about 11pm.He finally said “I’m going to leave the phone here on the couch and you can talk to the air. On Saturday I received confirmation for a place for my cat, and so I called my husband so he would know about the trade and where to take Ruben. So I emailed him and told him it was urgent, and he agreed to call me last night, which he did do.I’m going about my business.” Which is when I begged him to arrange a specific time to postpone it to. When I told him of how Ruben now has a foster family, all of a sudden he was ready to set up Skype. He was telling me of how he can take care of Ruben and that he would set up Skype before his next offday. But I was practicing being firm, and told him that I had made arrangements and Ruben needed to be turned over to the foster family.Feeling I needed to finally stand up to him, I said “No. So then I asked him for a specific time that we could get this done, and he merely said “Can we do this another time?

I’m posting this shortly after realizing it for myself.When Skype wouldn’t connect he said, “Can we do this another night?” in a very stern “I don’t want to be doing this right now” tone.I have been told that I allow people to walk over me, use me, etc.It occurs because I am by nature very accommodating, peace loving, and directly avoid conflict.

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