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Un De Rs Co Re , 26 October 2006 (UTC) Well I mean that someone who knows which ones are actually used and the ones that are entirely made up should come and delete the ones that are never user. It's like if someone wanted to make a metaphor with every single baseball term.

I know it is not really an "expert" but it's the best tag possible.

Justin Eiler , 23 October 2006 (UTC) Elements that are made up should not be on a Wikipedia page, period.

This article cannot be both a serious encyclocpedic entry on the topic and a comedy riff on it.

As I know, euphamisms that have existed in common knowledge for generations don't usually have an easy-to-find source.

Look it up yourself, instead of sticking up a box and making it everyone else's problem.

Maybe some of these made-up terms would work out well at Uncyclopedia. I'm inclined to move a whole bunch of them to the talk page at the very least, but since I'm new to this page, I'll hang back and see if anyone makes a case for leaving them in.

--Wikki Tikki Tavi , 19 November 2006 (UTC) "Grand Slam" at least needs to be removed.

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