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However, Thursday’s “Gatecrasher” gossip column, in the New York Daily News , actually ran a quote from an anonymous source referring to A-Rod as “a horny dog.” LUSCIOUS LIZ Los Angeles Dodgers center fielder Matt Kemp has been romantically linked with Powser 10 disc jockey “Luscious Liz” Hernandez.

Hernandez used to date Britney Spears’ ex-husband Kevin Federline.

The driver made a number of allegations in his lawsuit including: 1) Curry regularly propositioned the man for gay sex.

Curry is alledged to have approached the driver while naked asking him to “touch it.” 2) Although he was hired as a driver, the man was soon made Curry’s “house boy” and was asked to perform a number of “humiliating” tasks.

Various members of the media either loved or hated Knight depending on whether they bought into his schtick.Knight recently took a job as a college basketball analyst for During the NCAA tournament in March, Knight will be broadcasting from Las Vegas. Doyel acts like Knight broadcasting from Las Vegas is the end of the world. In an entire page of posts in the “Talk Back” section of CBSsportsline, not one person agreed with Doyel’s depiction of Vegas casinos as places that should be forbidden from hosting broadcasts for March Madness.Mc Grady, who still has million left on his contract, has been increasingly plagued by injuries.He has apparently angered his Rocket teammates, including Yao, for not being in shape. He has also suffered from a bad back in recent seasons.

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