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Baltic women are very similar in characteristics to Russian and Ukrainain women so if you love a Slavic women you'r going to be very very happy if you'r lucky enough to marry a baltic bride.

Baltic women for marriage are undoubtedly much sort after women some men are happy to travel all across the Atlantic to meet baltic women in the hope of marriage.

Generally the younger women from the Baltics will speak at least some English as it is widely taught as a second language in many schools however the older Baltic women may not be so good with the English language.

If true love is there the language barrier has never been a problem for any couple to get over and with todays modern translation tools such as Google translate it is fairly easy to have some basic conversation even if your Baltic lady has no English ability.

From all the Baltic ladies, those from Estonia have the strongest English skills, while the girls from Lithuania have the weakest English speaking skills.

Latvian women speak well English, but there are some problems with Russian girls that don’t speak it at all.

The difference between cultures may look very obvious when you want to hook up with a Baltic women.

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If you’re like me, you’d think that all three countries are similar, but after my nearly four months in the region I noticed a surprising amount of variation between them.

Nowadays, dating someone that they have met online has become one of the most common methods to meet somebody.

In the year 2000, this practice was only acceptable for some people, while from 2010 and on, dating online was a very normal thing for the young and middle-aged people to do, there are many local dating sites in the Baltics for Baltic women to meet a partner for marriage though the Baltic women wanting marriage with a foreign man are usually signed up to one of the many Russian Dating sites.

What is nice about this place is that it hasn’t been yet ruined by drunken western tourists, and groups of young western men who have arrived just for a stag night, which as we already know has ruined several capitals of some smaller Eastern European countries over the last few years.

Picking up Lithuanian girls, these girls are not usually the one night stand girls and prefer a man who is willing to take his time with them and put some effort in to show he really is a serious guy when it comes to dating.

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