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He also used to play in front of the Monoglobe and would sometimes stare into it, wondering what life was like in different countries.

He is ashamed of his Dukes background, and it's hinted during the beginning of Departure Time that he doesn't speak to his parents anymore.

Because of his debt Tony is interested in selling off Maisonette 9, sometimes even resorting to fraud (such as pretending to sell the club to two people at once, and briefly considering setting up a Ponzi scheme).

Luis works on the side for two men, Yusuf Amir and Ray Bulgarin, who Tony considers serious potential buyers because of their extreme wealth.

However, Luis hides this from Tony and goes so far as to lie to Tony about his activities at least twice.

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Gracie Ancelotti is kidnapped soon after, and the kidnappers demanded the diamonds back from Giovanni Ancelotti in exchange.

He says, "In my day, gay guys used to be lonely, needy, and lost. " Tony would have gone to college as early as 1975 though he did not focus on his studies.

His first experience working at a nightclub came from being in the cloakroom and eventually the front door of Elephant in the mid-1980s until a fire caused it to shut down.

He also gained world-famous heiress Cloe Parker as a best customer and casual friend.

Like Gracie, Cloe uses a lot of cocaine and influences Tony down a similar path.

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