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If the original email was deleted more than 14 days ago, it's gone and cannot be recovered.

If it was deleted less than 14 days ago, you must create a support request from a global administrator account to get the email restored.

Even if you did manage to backdate the timestamp within the message itself, if the message was sent over the internet, the internet headers would reflect the true time.

You would likely have to mess with the date and time on the exchange server itself (sending and receiving) to get what you're looking for.

Dears, We have 0365 accounts for 15 staff and I need to send an backdated email to one of the email accounts, so I changed my computer date and time to the required old date and sent the mail from outlook, the mail has been backdated in the outlook and went into the older email list,but when I have checked the receiver account outlook and OWA, the mail was downloaded as new to the current date, then checked sender OWA and it's listing in the older email section in the sent items folder,but the date was not backdated then I moved to another folder under inbox then it showed backdated, so kindly share with me your experiance on this.

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So if you forget a particular command you can always launch It is possible to specify the time like pm instead of using the 24-hour clock.If a driver provides a perfect match to the hardware ID, then it becomes a top candidate.And if more than one driver provides a perfect match, then the one with the most recent timestamp is chosen.On the other hand, if your existing driver was the Windows-provided driver from an earlier build, then the third-level selection rule will choose the one with the higher version number, which is the one from the more recent build.It all works out in the end, but it does look a bit funny.

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