Avoidant personality disorder and dating relative vs absolute dating ppt

I don't feel like I'm a web developer even though that is my job. It makes me anxious to answer the question "what do you do for a living? I am worrying whether we'll have enough money for gas the rest of the month.This really reinforces my low self-esteem and makes me feel excluded. I made an online chatbot called It’s a digital coach that helps in difficult moments – whether it’s feelings of stress or panic, losing sleep, repetitive worrying or procrastinating.At the time, I thought it was BPD (devaluation and discard). I love him deeply and do not wish to never have contact with him again. After high school I went to university to study law. As long as I just had to go to class, memorize the textbooks and go to exams I did fine.I thought I was on track for a nice comfortable middle class life. When time came and I had to write my final thesis the educational system suddenly demanded much more independence of me.Since then I have been stuck in entry level IT jobs.My colleagues are all younger than me The pay I can get is only enough to just get by and I haven't even started to pay back the USD 75.000 student debt (a lot by Danish standards) I managed to rake up and I don't know how I'll ever get out of it. I could have done so much more with my life and I am really ashamed about myself.He has no evidence that I am manipulative (but he believes I am bc he feels I am).He also became a little paranoid and started stressing out about all the ways I was going to try to hurt him in retaliation.

sorry if i wasted your time on this read Hi Y'all, I'm new here.Four months ago my (ex) bf moved out with no warning.I always thought he had social / generalized anxiety, but have come to believe that he may be struggling with Av PD.Check it out here: am superexcited about the possibilities in helping out people this way. :)Hello everyone,my husband has an avoidant attachment style (it might be Av PD actually but I'm not sure). I am not sure his sex drive is actually low, he is just terrified of intimacy.It is hard to talk with him about this, so even though I know everyone is different, I do believe some insight from others might help. He told me he has difficulties expressing emotions, and he knows he has issues with intimacy.

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    Fatigue, pain, and spasms are my big problem, but I really try not to let it get in the way of anything I want to do. I have a high sex drive so I like to do it with my boyfriend as often as my body allows!

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