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In the absence of us physically accompanying you, we discovered that most guys and gals like you need a monthly publication, giving you the benefit of our combined wisdom in easily digestible chunks on your journey to attraction transformation.We had hours of team discussions over many months, sharing and exchanging ideas and strategy.After all, it's great to achieve success in ONE field or aspect of attracting quality men or women and developing a relationship, but have you considered the power of having a complete knowledge and skills-base to call upon in ANY and EVERY attraction situation?This planted a seed in our minds and over a number of months we explored options to more fully support and assist people on their journey to greater understanding of what it takes to achieve ultimate attraction.If you want to truly understand attraction in a way that you never have before, you need to know that it's about much more than just ONE witty opener or routine, ONE affirmation, ONE part of your body, or ONE aspect of your character.

In the same way it took most of a year to create and assemble the many parts and features of this series, the Ultimate Attraction Transformation Series will guide you through a year's journey in learning, applying, and mastering each of the powerful steps and concepts associated with understanding and attracting the right person for you, so that you can truly say you have had an Ultimate Attraction Transformation.They can see through the routine you are putting on. The great news for you is that I'm about to show you HOW to make the WHOLE package of attraction happen, so that you can spark attraction with virtually any guy or girl that you meet, and back it up with natural confidence, attitude, charm, and personality. Have you ever had any of these things happen to you?Chances are if you feel awkward using a pickup routine, or pretending to be someone else to get their attention, they can sense it too. This web page is going to change the way you think about yourself and attracting others, so make sure that you print out and read every word. These kinds of situations are everyday occurences that hinder men and women from achieving their true attraction potential, but salvation is at hand... Sit back and get comfortable and read the rest of this webpage.The Meet Your Sweet Ultimate Attraction Transformation Series is a collection of the wisdom and works of some of the internet's top dating heavyweights, including authors Mirabelle Summers, Slade Shaw, Amy Waterman, James Bradley, Andrew Rusbatch, plus many more.And in addition to the written material in this course, Amy Waterman has interviewed and picked some of the internet's most prolific minds in each monthly issue, part of her commitment to delivering you the ultimate attraction transformation.

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