Asp net updating database from gridview

Try adding an Update Command in the asp:access Data Source. (Similar to the select) I don't have VS on this PC so I can't give an exact answer at the moment sorry.

I suspect that at present, you are asking the tabel to update, when you haven't told it that a) It is allowed to and b) How it should update After edit. However, I think you may need to also have the employee number in your queries, as you may have 2 employees with the same name, and you need a unique reference to distinguish between them.

I added some more attributes in the select statement for more columns in the gridview, since then whenever I hit edit, then edit the status and click on update, the gridview goes back without editing anything.

I have been looking into this all day and couldn't find out what is wrong.

I can display the filtered table on my webpage with the edit/update links but the table won't update.

Option 1: I would like (if possible) is to not have to click on the edit & update buttons, just edit the data on the screen (I'm thinking of some kind of similar thing to a continuous form is MS Access and then hit some kind of save button (which (again if possible) would run an append query already created and stored in my access database "qry To History".

If option 1 is not possible, how can I sort the problem of updating my table as in option 2.

I'm still learning Visual Studio so any and all help is gratefully appreciated. Are you trying to update it via the aspx page, or do you have a code behind page?

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Customer ID) AS Full Name, [Payment Is Sent], [item Is Received], [Label Is Sent], Email Address, Payment Method, Payment Amount FROM [Orders] INNER JOIN Customers ON Orders. Customer ID " Update Command="UPDATE [Orders] SET [Payment Is Sent] = @Payment Is Sent, [item Is Received] = @item Is Received, [Label Is Sent] = @Label Is Sent, Payment Method = @Payment Method, Payment Amount = @Payment Amount WHERE [Order ID] = @original_Order ID" I found out what the problem was...

The Grid View control is a tabular databound control but sometimes it is used like a spreadsheet control. NET 2.0 and is an improved version of the Data Grid control. We can use this to display data from a database and edit, sort and select the data.

Database Table Structure We are using an "EMPLOYEE" table so the "EMPLOYEE" table design is: Design of Grid View We design a Grid View with which we can perform update and delete operations.

Option 2: Be able to use the edit/update buttons to change the data in the table.

Here is my current code: Is Option 1 a possibility, if so how.

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