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First, a sincere thanks for the feedback on my future tattoo. I'm still gonna go for it, but hopefully I can convince skeptical readers to look beyond my forearm. (Actually, I'm totally down with being a piece of meat.) We're gonna get through this.Anyway: my friend Jo recently went on a first date at Costco and I'm totally jealous.We were able to catch Sales over email while she was out of town working on a new book to ask her about the future of dating, what she feels coverage of .What happened between the article and the filming of the documentary?

@tinder tweeted: “[email protected] Fair Little known fact: sex was invented in 2012 when Tinder was launched.” At p.m.I think it’s bleak when we are losing human connection.It is bleak when it’s a “contest to see who can care less” — which is a phrase I’ve heard over and over again in interviewing people about what it feels like to date [email protected] tweeted: “Next time reach out to us first @nancyjosales… @tinder tweeted: “You could have talked about how users build a Tinder profile that expresses who they are.” feature take an unflinching look at the mobile dating industry; examining the impacts that Tinder and its ilk have wrought on millennial mating rituals.Through candid interviews with her (mainly) twenty-something subjects interspersed with expert opinions from figures like Zoe Strimpel, an historian of gender and relationships in modern Britain, Sales paints a picture of a world where the sex positivity of third-wave feminism is isolated from its radical origins and turned against a generation of women raised in the appearance-focused world of social media.

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