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Sometimes they could convince a friendly bus driver to give them a free ride, but mostly they walked. Chris started making the walks with them a couple of years later, and sometimes Norman carried him, too.Two dollars was too much to spend on a two-mile ride when their legs worked just fine. "Anthony nodded and kept going, but he could barely walk."Son? By then, Anthony could carry the gear and thus help lighten the load."When those checks came in," Anthony said, "we'd feast like kings." He'd get sent to the store for two dozen donuts.They'd order five pizzas, three cases of soda, pick up Mc Donald's. For Christmas, Norman and Sue would buy so many presents there would be no room near the tree to sit down.Even now, several miles and so many dollars away from East Side and the things that landed them there, they still feel it every day. Their father, a Jamaican immigrant named Norman Stewart, worked random odd jobs, such as installing pools or landscaping.He moved to Montreal when he was in his early 20s and tired of living with his destitute farmer parents in Jamaica. She liked to joke with Norman that she stayed with him only "because you keep getting me pregnant." They had Anthony in 1985 and Chris in 1987, and then five girls over the next eight years.Filmmakers have used the place to show rock bottom. A door near their room led to the hotel basement, which had a stocked kitchen. "It was a nice break from toast, syrup and ketchup," Anthony recalled.This is where former NHL first-round picks Anthony and Chris Stewart grew up. "And you know, some days, just ketchup."Their favorite ways to get some laughs were to throw rocks at hookers and to watch them through the windows having sex, and then run away when they got caught. They climbed two 5-foot wooden fences behind the motel to walk through other neighborhoods to get to school. Hockey is easy --- it's living that's tough For most of their lives, the only income their mother, a blue-eyed blonde named Sue Reid, brought in was a small disability check.

Norman was in Montreal near the start of the Canadiens' greatest decade.

"We were playing for our lives."Fighting to get out As sports often do, hockey gave the brothers an emotional outlet. "They ran away."You grow up getting into fights every day, seeing the things you do every day, you have to develop that anger," Chris said.

"When you grow up the way we did, in places like we did, you get really angry," Anthony said. You can go find somewhere else to play."The 13-year-olds' ringleader shoved Chris. He slugged the guy in the stomach, threw him to the ground and kicked him until the guy crawled off. "It gives you this edge -- it's a survival thing."You didn't want to fight either of them.

They listened wide-eyed and giggling as he taught them about the sport. It was always too big for them, but it was all they had.

Their love for hockey was instilled young and deep.

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