Antedating of dining room

Most probably it is a shortened form of The, or At the Aye Bourne (= ’t Aye-bourne = Tyburn) or Brook already denoted.Tyburn was not always London’s sole or even principal place of execution.This is not the commonplace it seems, for not easily do we realise how far the change has gone.Details such as make up this volume have this merit: they bring the antique world before us, and the net result seems to be this: we lead better lives, we are more just and charitable, perhaps less selfish than our forefathers, but how to deny that something is lost?There are few spots in Old London which have not carried a gallows at one or other time.

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My earliest recollection, however, is of the Knob Creek place.In early times people were hanged as well as burned at Smithfield. Giles’s were far too handy a provision to stay idle.At Tower Green was the chosen spot for beheading your high-class criminal, and it was common to put off a malefactor on the very theatre of his malefaction.In the last century the nicer age objected to it as an eyesore; and it was replaced by a movable structure, fashioned of two uprights and a cross-beam, which was set up in the Edgware Road at the corner of Bryanston Street, and which, the grim work done, was stored in the corner house, from whose windows the sheriffs superintended executions.To accommodate genteel spectators there were just such stands as you find on a racecourse, the seats whereof were let at divers prices, according to the interest excited. Henesey’s execution as arch-traitor, the rate rose to two shillings and two and sixpence a seat.

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