Angie martinez dating q tip

Some sources state that, prior to the engagement, Angie was in a short-term dating affair with the rapper, Q-Tip, in the year 1998.Caption: Angie Martinez with Q-Tip at an event in 2009 Though the two didn't last long as a couple, they remained good friends.

Like Wendy Williams, Angie Martinez has been a popular radio personality for many years.

You could be perfectly happy in your life and great relationships and friendships and fun.

If you’re young and you’re still exploring the world, you kind of should be single, so you could figure out who you are all the way first and mess up every now and then and do dumb things.

By now, most fans know Wendy has never been one to mince words and, apparently, she’s been that way since the very beginning.

Now, Angie has spilled the beans about the one time Wendy took things a bit too far.

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