Album art not updating google music

Choose other view options, such as Artists or Albums.

Different options are available depending on the version of i Tunes you use.

You must use another method to get album art for these songs or albums.

In i Tunes 10 and earlier, you can see the art in the album art window.

In that case, consider third-party tools that automate the process for you.

To view your i Tunes library using Cover Flow, click the fourth button in the top right corner next to the search box.

Navigate using the mouse or arrow keys through a presentation of your i Tunes library by cover art.

When it finds art for songs that you have, even songs that you didn't buy at i Tunes, it adds them to your library.

In some versions of i Tunes, a window pops up letting you know that you have to send information about your library to Apple to get album artwork but that Apple doesn't store that information.

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