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Due to the mom’s mental health issues with bipolar disorder and other problems, their daughter feels this is the reason why her parents didn’t stay together.

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“There are so many people having kids who will be passing on health problems, people with diabetes or mental health issues, or AIDS.

I almost have panic attacks whenever I think back to all of those poor, unfortunate girls who danced with me at high school proms, tolerating my sweaty awkwardness as we lumbered through the long version of “The Lady in Red.” I have a lifetime of iconography, emotions, and baggage that my mind associates with formal dances, so the idea of attending one with my DAUGHTER…yeah, it made me uncomfortable.

Fortunately, the night ended up being much less strange and much more benign than I thought it would be.

If I said, “I’m going out on a daddy-daughter date tonight,” people would say “aww”, I’d get appreciative winks, and some old woman would come out of nowhere, take my hand, and whisper,(I swear this has happened to me before.) If a Mom said, “I’m going out on a mommy-son (or even mother-son) date tonight,” people would look around nervously, eye contact would be avoided, and that same old woman would take her hand, much more tightly, and whisper, The Mom could say “We’re going to spend some mom-son time” or “We’re taking a mom-son trip”—either of those options probably wouldn’t cause anyone to raise an eyebrow. Meanwhile, I can’t take my daughter out to lunch on my own without someone asking me if we’re on a “date”.

But add in that word “date” and it starts getting uncomfortable. I realize there’s an element of semantics to all this.

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