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The timber consists primarily of mature hardwood with the balance in varying ages of pine plantation. Our site provides this service without representations or warranties of any kind either expressed or implied.

All website visitors are invited to download our church bulletins from this page.

One of the most renowned properties in the Southeast, Jake Peavy's Southern Falls Plantation is ideal for a family retreat, rural resort, commercial hunting operation, event destination, or corporate retreat.

Convenient to multiple airports/airstrips, priced MILLIONS under cost, with tremendous Conservation Easement and tax shelter opportunities.

I meet every criteria that is set for clemency under this initiative and this may be my last chance to be able to become the leader of my family and the example that I know I can be.

I am very remorseful for causing my daughter and family pain, heartache and embarrassment.

My brother received 62 months and also received the two points he was released in 2007.

This area of the Black Belt is famous for trophy whitetails, and the herd at Southern Falls has been expertly managed for 10 years, with bucks taken by bow only for 4 years.

Multiple 150 inch bucks are seen each year, along with abundant turkey, dove, and ducks.

Catherine, her daughter Brandy, and her granddaughter Channon, went to the White House and met President Trump on February 21st, for Black History Month.

He introduced Katherine as the “First female to receive an immediate release under the First Step Act.” Name: Catherine Terracia Toney DOB: Race: Black Marital Status: Single Age: 55 Children: Daughter- Brandy Toney (Only child) Grandchildren: Granddaughter – Channon Toney (one) Raised: Alabama Tried: Mobile, AL Where will you release: Mobile, AL Charge: Conspiracy to possess with the intent to distribute cocaine base Sentence: 20 years Served to date: 15 Years Started Sentence on: April 1, 2003 Priors: 3 Prison Conduct: Good Clemency Status: CP14 approved, submitted by Duke University attorney, Pending File # C182746 Supporters: Family and Friends Institution: Marianna Federal Prison Camp Accomplishments: I have successfully completed the drug treatment programs, adult continuing education classes, vocational skills courses and received my GED. According to Catherine: I was sentence to 20 years in prison in the U. Southern District of Alabama after pleading guilty to conspiracy to possess with the intent to distribute cocaine base.

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