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As such, CAM would be considered a non-lease component.

ASC 842-10-15-30 requires the consideration in the lease contract be allocated to each separate lease component and non-lease component of the contract.

Since I was getting a few glazed looks from the participants, I knew I had better up my game and completely understand the accounting for common area maintenance charges (CAM) and property taxes under the new lease accounting standard! ASC 842-10-15-28 requires entities to identify the separate lease components within a contract.

An entity shall consider the right to use an underlying asset to be a separate lease component if both the following criteria are met: Clearly, charges for CAM do not meet these criteria so they are not a lease component.

Can’t we just separate out maintenance (,000) as the non-lease component and call the rest (3,276) the lease component? 842-10-15-33 states a residual estimation approach may be appropriate if the standalone price for a component is highly variable or uncertain. They are not considered components of a contract and, therefore, do not receive any allocation of the consideration in the contract.

As a result, since they are fixed and this is a gross lease, they are wrapped up in the lease payments.

As previously stated, maintenance is a component of the contract, albeit a non-lease component.

We would have to find an observable standalone price of a similar office building, excluding maintenance.

If an observable standalone price is not available, we would have to estimate one maximizing the use of observable information.

We signed a 5-year lease and pay approximately ,500 per month, with rent payments escalating 3% each year based on inflation as follows: Lease payments over the 5-year period total 9,276.

This is a gross lease meaning that maintenance, property taxes, and insurance are included in the lease payments.

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