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Moss' master's degree research project studied the organizational habits of high schoolers.

She is currently developing a new website about switching classrooms and educational theories.

Build a bulletin board with quotes and art centered on equality in action. Scholastic suggests you ask parents several questions, including how they would like you to recognize their child ethnically, what you can learn about their culture to help be as respectful as possible and what language the family speaks.

Encourage parents to provide more information for you as well.

Sports equity is important at the middle and secondary school levels, not only to increase opportunities for young women in sports and physical activity, but to change perceptions--particularly the incorrect perception that sports participation is not important for girls and women.

This Digest will provide background information about gender equity as well as specific strategies for achieving equity at the middle and secondary school levels.

Clearly post the guidelines and review them with students.

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Read stories or magazine articles, depending on ages and learning levels, demonstrating equality in local situations.

Share this information outside of lessons, perhaps as a downtime activity or wrap-up at the end of the day.

Provide extra opportunities that branch from a class unit.

Today, girls still account for about 35% of high school athletes, although at 1.9 million participants the number of females in sports at the high school level has never been higher (National Federation, 1994).

Within the past year, a number of Title IX lawsuits have highlighted the vulnerability of colleges and universities to claims of gender discrimination in intercollegiate athletics.

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